All our objects are created by hand with love and care.  We hope that when you purchase our objects, the love and light we put into them will resonate in your homes as well.

An old Turkish proverb says that there is nothing better than “toil of our hands and the light of our hearts”.

All our items have been prepared with this consciousness.  We enjoy making them and we hope you will enjoy having them as well.




Now your tables are more stylish…

more inspired.




Each one is designed with blessings and well wishes to bring color to your doors,

good luck, abundance and health to your homes.




For those who enjoy coming together around the warmth of a shared meal, 

we offer custom made designs to brighten up your kitchens.




When a new year arrives, you decorate your tree, your home, your door with ornaments to beckon good luck to your space.

We have created these items with our blessings so that you can use them with your best wishes for a wonderful new year.


I’m a female entrepreneur…

Sometimes you have to put aside your fears before taking the plunge.

I know for certain that every woman has a talent.

The most important step is the first step.

Once you start, the rest comes easier…


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